Lose up to two times more getting 8 hours of sleep a night

Lose up to two times more getting 8 hours of sleep a night

It’s well known that poor or insufficient sleep leads to poor weight loss results and often to weight gain. Recent research indicates that someone getting 8 hours a night can lose up to 2 times more fat than someone getting 5.5 hours a night. Additionally the weight loss seen by insufficient sleepers is more from muscle loss than fat loss. 

The reasons for this are varied. Research shows that poor or insufficient sleep leads to a greater appetite with people eating more calories the next day. The calories are also more often in the form of refined carbohydrates. Just one extra hour a night led research participants to consume two fewer spoonfuls of sugar a day on average. 

The take home message, turn off the TV and go to sleep earlier and more consistently.

To improve your sleep, consider these healthy habits:

  • Establish a relaxing bedtime routine.
  • Take a hot shower before bed.
  • Dim the lights several hours before bed.
  • Stay clear of caffeinated drinks from the afternoon onward.
  • Don’t eat late at night. If you need a snack, stick to some fruit.
  • Avoid late naps.
  • Don’t stay in bed longer than 30 minutes if you can’t sleep. Get up and read for 20 minutes before trying again.
  • And most importantly, set a sleep schedule and stick to it!

If you’ve tried everything and still need an extra edge to improve your sleep, consider taking an herbal sleep support. Our favorite is called “sleep”. In this supplement, phenibut and 5-HTP are used to support the body’s natural production of important sleep hormones and ensure a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin is used to promote restful sleep while reducing disturbances throughout the night. Together, these powerful ingredients ensure that you get the rest you need.

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