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No matter what conditions or health concerns a patient presents with, the goals are the same. We need to lower the total body burden of toxins and infections, identify and eliminate sources of inflammation and optimize metabolism. With nearly 30 years of clinical experience and research, Dr Roberts has developed effective protocols of care to help you achieve these goals.

Weight Loss

Stubborn weight can be due to an overburdened liver, food sensitivities, insulin resistance, a leaky gut, emotional eating, toxins, dysbiosis, leptin resistance and many other underlying, metabolism altering conditions. All psychological and metabolic contributing factors must be considered and addressed if your goal is effective and lasting weight loss.

Self Mastery

In order to overcome bad habits, fight against our natural drives to eat fuel-rich foods with enhanced flavors and to firmly establish healthy habits, we need more than what we call willpower. You can white-knuckle your way to some success only to find yourself falling back into old patterns when stress hits. Long lasting life changes require that you become an expert in you. You need to learn how to harness the immense capacity of your mind and body. Doing so can help you achieve goals beyond health and weight.

What Are Our Patients Are Saying?

The people and programs are great. I lost 37 pounds in 6 weeks! And with the program, I will keep it off. Thank you!

- Morris B.

What Are Our Patients Are Saying?

I just finished my 12 week program. I lost over 40 pounds and 22 inches. I feel better than I have in years. I feel like a new woman. THANK YOU!

- Shelly S.

What Are Our Patients Are Saying?

This program has helped me get the energy back that I have not had in a very long time. They are great to work with and very understanding.

- Dave N.

What Are Our Patients Are Saying?

The staff, they are great to work with and very supportive and encouraging! It has been wonderful to learn more about the foods we eat to feel the wonderful benefits I've felt. Thank you!

- JaNae M.

What Are Our Patients Are Saying?

Love this!! And the people are awesome! They helped me a lot with my health issues! Thank you!

- Angie E.


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